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Joyful Beginnings, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides Backpacks to children in foster care. We focus on the development and success of foster youth by meeting their needs physically, educationally and socially.


With the current pandemic, we are on a mission to support foster youth and "children in need" by implementing the JB Backpacks of Hope and the JB Closet of Hope. We work in partnership with community-based organizations and programs to assist foster children in successfully transitioning into and out of foster care.


Foster Youth and children in need will receive JB Backpacks of Hope filled with an outfit and basic necessities. During the holidays, Joyful Beginnings will fill the backpacks full of children's wishes and toys.

JB Closet of Hope is a program in which all foster youth and children in need will be given a JB Backpack of Hope and the opportunity to shop for clothes and basic necessities at JB Closet of Hope.

Smiling Kids


Joy Cutts, Founder of Joyful Beginnings, Inc is a native of New York, a mother and advocate for all children. She spent her career as a Social Worker for the Department of Family and Children Services in Arizona, California and Georgia for a total of 20 years. She spent those years helping foster children, reuniting families, finding permanency for children who could not return home to their parents by locating family and friends who could adopt or obtain guardianship of them. Joy has always had a helping heart and has always spent her free time volunteering in the community. She spent 11 years as a foster parent in California and is currently a foster parent in Georgia. She also is contracted with the State of Georgia to write adoptive and foster parent home studies. Helping foster children has been a passion of Joy's from a very young age. Her goal is to empower and guide foster children and children in need through Joyful Beginnings' programs so that they can successfully transition out of foster care and/or lead productive successful lives.

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